Leave it at home, take it with you on vacation, hire a babysitter, house it in a pet residence … What will be the best option for your pussycat?

When the desired moment arrives to go on vacation, there is something that sometimes interrupts that happiness a little, and that is when it comes to asking:  what do I do with my cat during this time that I will not be home?

There are several options to consider, choosing one or the other will depend on aspects such as the time we are going to be away, the personality and character of our cat, the available budget and the personal situation of each one.

Normally the possible options there are:

  • Leave the cat in our house , and within this option there would be the possibility of leaving it alone, that a relative or acquaintance would come at specific moments, that this person would stay to live that time with the cat or hire someone as a kangaroo .
  • Leave the cat in a residence or shelter prepared for the care of cats, or in someone’s house .
  • Take the cat with us on vacation.

Below we explain what should be taken into account in each case.

Leave the cat at home during the holidays

We have already said on many occasions that cats have a highly territorial character , and are not usually lovers of changes. So most cats may prefer not to move from home .

In case we are thinking about a short vacation , it would be good to guarantee that the cat will be well at home , especially if there is someone who takes care of it .

With babysitter or caregiver

The ideal is that we have someone who takes care of the basic care of the cat, and it would be interesting if that someone already knows the cat and vice versa .

The person who will take care of you can come promptly to put food, change the bowl of water, clean the sand tray, etc. Depending on the cat and the relationship they have, you could also stay to keep him company, play …

If the person and the cat do not know each other, it is very important that you give them guidelines on how to do everything and how to interact with the cat . Remember to make sure of:

  • That he knows where the food is and how much you put it (for example, if you feed him and also offer him wet food daily )
  • That it offers fresh and clean water to the cat (even putting several containers around the house, since it is very important that the cat drinks enough water )
  • Check that there are no dangers for the cat, such as windows or open doors
  • To clean the sandbox correctly

And obviously you try to always be available by phone in case of an accident or any doubt.

In the event that we do not have anyone who can take care of the cat, there is always the possibility of hiring a kangaroo specialized in cat care . Try to find references of one in your population, normally they are people who love animals that will treat them with a lot of love and care, with which giving them the above guidelines will be more than enough.

Leave the cat alone at home

We recognize that this is not the option we like the most, since any unforeseen event or accident that we can not control will occur. So, if you choose it, it would only be for very short periods. Whenever you can, try to combine it with someone passing by, even if it’s just a moment to see that everything is fine.

In case of leaving the cat alone, we must make sure that it has its basic needs covered .

This can be done with the use of automatic programmable feeders to dispense the food, drinking fountain or siphon, etc. And count on several of them scattered throughout the house. The idea would be to try it before we leave, so we can see if the cat accepts them.

The same with the sandboxes, that the cat has several to prevent him from doing his business outside the tray .

If there is more than one cat at home, this absence may be more bearable, but if we are still not entirely sure, we can also install video surveillance cameras (it may sound a little freaky, but I would, for example).

Residence, shelter or other house

If we can not leave the cat in his usual house, there is the option of taking him to a residence or shelter prepared for it. Depending on whether the cat is very territorial and is not used to these changes, it will be more or less advisable.

Many of these spaces are more prepared for dogs than for cats, so it is interesting that before leaving the kitten there we visit the place and make sure that it is conditioned for the needs of our cat .

Some things to consider when choosing a residence or shelter for cats are: that the kittens are not in cages for too long, that they have individual areas where the cat can rest easy, that the cats that accept it can have access to common areas with other cats and that the conditions of the space are good (cleaning, temperature, etc.) It is also good that they do some access control such as requesting a veterinary or vaccination report , and having an emergency veterinarian.

Another option is to take the cat to someone’s home, be it from an acquaintance or relative, or from a kangaroo who has the house adapted to house cats .

In all cases, we, more than anyone, know our cats, so we will know what needs they may have and what we should offer them to make them feel as good as possible. So if the character of our cat seems to fit with the option of taking it somewhere , especially if we have used it since childhood , we should choose the place that gives us more confidence .

The cat comes with us on vacation

Finally, especially when there are longer holiday periods , there is the option of the cat also taking a vacation.

Traveling with your cat seems idyllic (at least it seems to me), since it allows you to combine the pleasure of traveling with that of sharing a beautiful moment with your pussycat. Now, we must take into account the place where we are going and if the cat is going to accept it.

Again, if the character of the cat is related to this type of adventure and, above all, if we have used the kitten to travel, it will be much simpler.

Preparation before the trip

As with us, before leaving home we must prepare what is necessary for the gat .

On the one hand, the luggage (food, water, etc.) Depending on how you are going to move you may need a specific carrier.

On the other hand, you have to prepare the cat for adventure . It would be interesting if we made a visit to the veterinarian to ensure that his health is correct and identify the cat with a microchip (if you have not already done so). We can also take the opportunity to consult you about possible supplements that help calm the cat during the trip.


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