Maybe you’re considering the idea of ​​adopting a kitten as a pet. If that’s the case, make up your mind, because despite what the bad guys might say, cats are among the best animals we can adopt to keep us company.

Nevertheless, we want to tell you something very important that you must gather before bringing a feline to your house and that it is the accessories that will be essential to take care of him the best. So without further delays, let’s look at the accessories that are imperative to raising a cat.

Accessories for food

Feeding is vital in the care of any pet. In order for our cat to feed himself as comfortably and comfortably as possible, we should offer him a good feeder and drinker.

These accessories are usually on the market in different materials, the most frequent being plastic, stainless steel and porcelain.

Those of the first material are the cheapest and easy to clean and the porcelain, though beautiful, are the most likely to break. In turn the steel ones are the most striking and although they are the most expensive, they are not even so inaccessible.

For the rest

Rest may be the second important element for a pet. The accessory that can guarantee us that our feline has it in a pleasant way and what no doubt that will use more, is the bed. This can be chosen from a wide variety of styles, ranging from shelter type to pillow type.

One of the things that most characterize cats is their natural predisposition to laziness and their inclination to go to a quiet, quiet place for many minutes or even hours. So if we want to be good owners, the best we can do is offer them a good bed, where they spend their snacks.

For entertainment

Like people, animals have to have fun or entertain, whether playing or doing some activity. It is not enough for cats to spend time playing with them. They are independent and naturally need their own objects, in this case toys.

One of the best we can give them are those balls that carry rattles in there. The rolling, accompanied by pleasant and mysterious sounds, is charming to them.

For hygiene

Hygiene is paramount for the care of any pet.

In the case of cats whose feces and urine release strong and unpleasant odors, it is advisable to have a litter box, either covered or uncovered, especially if we do not want the animal to “mark” every corner of the house.

In both models we should fill the interior with silica sand or the one that is sold specifically for cats, much like gravel. The one of silica absorbs better the bad odors, but the last one is the most economic one.

Another very important point in their hygiene is protection against diseases. That’s why a good antiparasitic collar for cats will prevent us from many scares and unexpected visits to the vet for bites or infections.

To satisfy a natural need

The cat scratcher can not be missing in your house, since it is an accessory of vital importance for the creation of a cat. With this accessory he will sharpen his nails himself, saving the furniture, and we will not have to visit the vet so often to do it.

To decrease the release hair

To this end there are two important accessories: the hair roller, to remove the hair from our clothes, and the brush, so that the house does not fill with hair.

To leave home

Finally we will have the accessories that are necessary for the cat to leave the house, the same only in our company. These are the identification tag of the animal, on a plaque or identification label that must also contain our telephone number, and a portable box where we can transport it comfortably, either to go to the vet or to be transported to where Let’s go on vacation or spend a few days.


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