The game and the toys for cats are very important in the life of your furry; They help your development and establish and strengthen your relationship with you.

From a very young age, cats use the game as a way of learning and socializing with other cats in their litter; this helps keep your five senses alert and allows for better coordination. Remember that your cat is a hunter by nature! and the game is the way he has to cultivate and channel this part of his nature.

“Many times, we are not aware of the importance of playing with the cat for both physical and emotional health”

— Pam Johnson

In addition, starting from the premise that your cat does not leave home, the game and toys for cats, help exercise your hairy daily, avoiding boredom and giving the amount of exercise necessary for proper development and good health. The game helps you have a healthy and happy cat!


Do you know how your cat plays?


As we talked, the game in cats is based on the development of their hunting instinct, so activities that involve chasing and / or attacking are ideal for them. It is very important to keep in mind that you should not play with your hands or any part of your body! You will avoid that your cat sees you as a prey and also finish the hour of game with wounds. Always use toys for cats, these are made for this work, with shapes and smells that are attractive to them.

Depending on your furry and the cat toys that you have at your disposal, there are different ways in which your cat can play:

  1. Solitaire game: When your cat finds an object or toy for a cat and interacts with it without you having to intervene. When your cat is playing alone, you will see him running around your house with his toy.
  2. Game with other cats: If you have two or more cats (which is highly recommended), you will see them chasing or “peeling”. This is very important for your social development.
  3. Exploratory games: You will see your cat interacting with different spaces and born of the need to explore specific places and / or spaces. Your cat will enter and leave boxes, drawers, gyms, etc.
  4. Game with humans: Hurray! Your cat will also want to play with you and if you are not the one who starts it, it will be him who will call your attention to this. In this type of game is where the cat toys are most useful.

All cats want and can play, it’s just a matter of looking for what they like most

And … What cat toys can you use?


  • Balls for cats:  They are an excellent way to encourage the game alone. These cat toys help keep your cat active when he is alone. The balls for cats usually have rattles or internal rattles, this makes them much more attractive because they will sound as they roll on the ground. It is very important to keep in mind that they must be large and strong enough so there is no risk of swallowing them.


  • Canes for cats or rods for cats :  This type of cat toys is basically a rope with an incentive (prey) at one end, the latter can vary depending on the preferences of your cat; it may have feathers, a ball, a mouse, etc. Cats for cats are ideal to exercise the instinct of hunting your cat, you can move it from one side to the other or you can move it slowly on the floor, simulating a prey. Be sure to allow your cat to catch the cat rod from time to time, so you will get your reward and you will feel motivated to keep playing.
  • Stuffed animals for cats:  They are usually in the form of mice and often come with catnip inside. Just like the balls for cats help to encourage the game alone, although you can also launch it to chase it and catch it. You will see your cat take him everywhere and sometimes you will see him hug him and kick him.


  • Tunnels for cats :  It is not a secret that cats love small spaces where they can stalk their prey and the tunnels are perfect for this. Many come with textures and materials that make noise, this is what cats like a lot. You can play with balls, stuffed animals and wands near the tunnel;This will give your cat a place to stalk its prey.

“A bored animal can suffer anxiety, hyperactivity, depression and even be aggressive at times when boredom is extreme”

Pam Johnson.

These are some of the most common cat toys . In the market there are many options that you can explore together with your cat; Always look for him to feel comfortable and not dangerous for him. Keep in mind not to leave all the cat toys at your disposal all the time and rotate them little by little, this way you will avoid getting bored of them and you will always have the surprise factor.

No matter which toy you choose for your cat, the important thing is that you play with him daily to strengthen his bond and avoid boredom that can trigger bad behaviors, such as aggression and damage at home. You will also contribute to the health of your cat, because the activity helps keep your little hunter fit.



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