The mysterious world of cats is a subject that interests the lovers of these cats and causes curiosity to those who are not so. Today we want to tell you some curious facts about these incredible beings, who through history have left their mark on different ancient and modern cultures.

“Cats have an absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for some reason, can hide their feelings, but not a cat.” Ernest Hemingway


  • One of the most important feline deities of the ancient Egyptians was Bastet, the Goddess Leonina? Well it was the representation of maternal sweetness, symbol of female fertility, sexuality, the protector of pregnant women and newborns. It represented joy and because of this its form was that of a domestic cat.


  • In the Egyptian culture the cat had its own word in its language, and this was miw. Hence the onomatopoeia “miu” used to call the cat.


When you have the privilege of sharing your life with a cat, you begin to discover little by little the mysterious world of cats; so to differentiate the different powers that are granted, for example:


  • Physical contact: Recent scientific studies have affirmed that the simple act of caressing a cat generates reduction in the levels of stress of the people, diminishing the negative thoughts, improving the cardiac activity and in this way restoring the quality of life and the mental well-being.
  • Purrring : The sound vibration produced by the purring is on a scale of 20 to 50Hz, it has been proven that this range of frequencies have a special and important action of anabolic type, which helps in orthopedic medicine to the consolidation of fractures, treatment of osteoarthritis, acute and chronic pain and other musculoskeletal problems due to its regenerative action.

“Cats are spirits that have come down to earth. I am sure that a cat could walk on the clouds without crossing them ”

Julio Verne


Cats are our energy protectors in the same way that dogs are our physical guardians. You will find it interesting to know that while our cats are awake they collect all the negative energy that is in the environment and at bedtime filter and transform that energy, purifying the environment and leaving everything back in order.

If your cat suddenly strives to sleep in a certain part of your body, surely there you will have the need for healing or energy reinforcement. Cats have the ability to perceive which chakra or body area is energetically weak.

What exactly it does is that through its intuition it is placed in the place where the energy is not balanced or there are blockages, using acupuncture points, thus offering an unblocking, to help the energy to flow again in the correct way in our interior.


Mental disorders or disabilities are currently the order of the day. In the mysterious world of cats there is an important space that contributes to the recovery of various pathologies, for example:

  • In children and adults with autism, the therapy with these hairy makes their communication skills and personal relationships potentialize.
  • In patients with depression or terminal illnesses, cats bring a sense of unconditional love and companionship, which generates states of security and calm.
  • In people with few skills of social interaction and shyness; the little felines bring the desire to start conversations with other people and interact with other animals.

Definitely the mysterious world of cats is an exciting subject in which every day you discover things through studies and experiences of lovers of these majestic animals.


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