Cats are clever animals that know how to survive on their own, but it is true that if your cat is home you can be frightened and disoriented if you are facing a threat when you are outside. This will make you move away from home and get lost.

Whether it’s your own cat or someone you know you want to help here, you can quickly see the best you can do to find a lost cat . Keep calm and pay attention to the following tips.

1. Before you start looking for your cat

The first impulse you will have is to go out into the street but first you should do a couple of things.

1.1. Check that he is not at home

The situation may be that you think your cat is on the street when in fact he is somewhere in the corner taking a nap peacefully.

Take a moment to dismiss this idea. Look in closets and under the beds and if you can make noise with some toy of yours or open a can of food that you like.

1.2. Leave food out

Leave out of the home some of the food that you usually give. Your food has a strong smell and you can identify it at a distance. To avoid that other cats come to eat it try to cover it with some leaky container.

In this way, while you go out to the street to look for your cat you will be expanding the possibilities of returning home on your own.

2. Tips to find a cat

Once you have looked inside the house and left something out with a recognizable smell, it is time to get down to work.

2.1 Search near your house

If your cat is not used to going outside, he will be scared. It is recommended that you search near your home in possible hiding places where you could hide. Spend more time searching near your home but in hard-to-reach places.

When you are calling out loud, do it in a soft tone . If you are scared you will tend not to want to move from your hiding place, so your voice has to convey confidence.

2.2. The neighborhood

When you have already tracked around your house you will have to search the neighborhood. Pay special attention to high places or warm areas .

Talk to the people of the neighborhood in case they have seen it and bring some goodies. It is not a bad idea to use a bicycle to move more comfortably.

2.3. Protectors

Search online for the protectors near your home and call them in case it appears. When you call, take the opportunity to ask for advice , they will know similar cases in your area and they can guide you in your search.

2.4. Social networks

Social networks can be a huge speaker, there are those who have found their cat thanks to Tinder ! The advisable thing is that you put in the publication the photo of your cat, the name, the locality where it has been lost and asks that they share it.

It is very useful to contact friends in the area or profiles of your locality to reach the largest number of people in the area where you live.

2.5. Posters

With social networks you can reach many people, but not everyone. The posters are the perfect complement . Print the photo and the name of your cat and leave some contact information.

Place the posters by bus stops and premises with an influx of people . In addition, it is recommended that you take them to veterinarians and protectors.

3. How to avoid scares in the future

If your cat is indoor, you will try not to go outside, but you can have an oversight at any time. That is why it is important that you are well identified, so if you lose you will have more chances of returning home quickly.

3.1. Microchip

A microchip will identify your cat if it is lost and someone finds it. If your cat does not have it, you should go to the vet to put it on. It is fast and very safe and will avoid bad experiences in the future.

3.2. Identification badge

As with the microchip, they can contact you if your cat is lost and someone finds it. In addition, it has the advantage that it will not be necessary to take it anywhere to extract the data from the microchip. The first person who finds it will have the contact information available .

It is important that you stay calm when this situation occurs. Try to think like your cat: you know what he likes, what scares him, how he behaves in situations of stress … So you’ll have a slight advantage and you’ll increase the chances of finding him.

And if your cat tends to run away maybe you should consider giving him a ride . This will satisfy your desire to go abroad and you will do so in a controlled manner.



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