Usually cats do not like water. For this reason, it is important to accustom him to the bathroom from his tender age, around three months (if necessary).

This activity should be done in a closed and safe room, where we can bathe and dry it without it escaping, and in which you have good heating or that is exempt from drafts.

You have to start by filling the tub, container or bucket with a few centimeters of warm water, at 36 or 37 ºC and slowly introduce the cat into the water, talking and caressing it to calm it down.

Next, the body of the cat is delicately wetted, using a small glass, while still caressing it and avoiding pouring water into the eyes and the auditory canals.

Once the cat is well wet, you can apply a special shampoo for cats. Never use shampoo for human beings, as it is not suitable for cats, in fact, not only the pH of human skin is different but also the cat could be poisoned by licking. You have to rub the entire body well, insisting on the areas of the legs, tail and belly.

Once the shampoo has been applied well, the cat is rinsed with the shower or with warm water using a small glass, and then the same operations are repeated. The rinsing is an important moment, during which it is necessary to be careful so that I do not send the jet of the shower to the eyes or the ears.

Then we wrap it in a warm, dry towel, and rub vigorously to remove the water. Subsequently, a small piece of cotton (not using cotton swabs) is passed through the ear canal to absorb any water that could have entered despite the precautions that have been taken.

The cat usually does not like the use of the hair dryer, since noise and air bother him, but if the animal is already used to the dryer, there will be no problems. It is convenient to use a device of relatively low power, avoiding directing the flow of air to the eyes or ears. Dry the fur of the whole body well, without forgetting the belly, the legs and the tail.

It is very important to brush before and after bathing, through which old hairs are removed, by the habit of cleaning the cat by licking, if it is not brushed it often causes hairs to be swallowed, and when this action can be formed pilobezoars (balls of hair) in the digestive system at the risk of producing intestinal obstructions or favoring colonic impaction (accumulation of fecal material in the colon).

Remember: it is not advisable to bathe your cat very often since the natural balance of skin and hair oils could be affected. However, an occasional bath, for example if it has been soiled and can not be properly cleaned by itself, is not a problem.

Finally take the opportunity to cut the nails. It is good so that they do not hurt people, and that they feel less the need to clean them with the furniture and sofas of your house, besides you will avoid the accumulation of earth in them.

If you clean your cat you will also keep your house clean, free of hair on your furniture and your clothe


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