Did you just adopt a kitten and want to teach him how to use the sandbox ? Did your cat use the sandbox and stop using it? For both cases there is a solution, you just need to follow a few tips.

Having your cat do his homework will bother you, but he will also feel better urinating in the sandbox. You must be understanding, put yourself in their place and help them with patience to achieve the goal.

1. Identify the problem

The first thing to get your cat to use the sandbox is to try to understand why he is not using it.

1.1. How much and where does your needs?

It is not the same to find all the urine concentrated in one time or to locate it scattered by several points of the house. In the first case the cat what he has done is empty his bladder, while in the second he is marking the territory . This is common mainly in uncastrated males.

1.2. He is sick?

If you suspect that you have a urinary tract infection, go to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Cats can not talk, but through their actions we can decipher what is happening to them.

1.3. Is the sandbox dirty?

Cleaning is essential for cats and the sandbox is a delicate place. If you do not clean it once a day, start doing it, you will surely notice some improvement. And if your cat especially dislikes the dirt, clean the sandbox several times a day or place a second litter box.

1.4. Is a kitten just home?

If you have just adopted a kitten and do not use the sandbox you will have to arm yourself with patience and follow the advice in section 2.1.

2. Find the solution for your case

Now that you have seen the possible causes, you will know where the shots are going. In this section you have a few tips for your cat to start or re-use the sandbox.

2.1. Teach a cat for the first time

When the cat comes home he will have to learn several things, and among them is where to relieve himself. You will have to act in two ways : give him facilities to use the sandbox and make him uncomfortable when he urinates out of it.

2.1.1. Facilitate the use of the sandbox

It is vital that the sandpit is always clean and is located in a quiet area of the house. Try not to be close to your food and water and that access is not complicated.

You can also try if you prefer one with a lid or a cover. Here you can see several types of sandboxes .

2.1.2. Discourage bad actions

The other way of acting is to bother this type of actions. Place your plates of food and drink in the place where you have done your needs (after cleaning clear) so that you do not want to do it again.

You can also place aluminum foil at the points where you urinate (they are very uncomfortable with the noise they emit). And if nothing works for you, it’s the right place to place your sandbox …

It is important that you eliminate odors with an enzymatic cleaner . If you keep the smell of your urine or feces it will cost less to reuse that point in the house.

2.2. Teach a cat that marks the territory

This situation is more common in uncastrated male cats . Sterilizing your cat would almost certainly solve the problem, but that is up to you.

On the other hand, the changes or important changes in housing cause the cat feel the need to mark the territory. A new person or the addition of another cat can cause this behavior. In these cases, if you are not going to be able to reverse the change, use the advice of point 2.1.2.

It will also help to isolate your cat for a few days . Choose a bathroom that has no use or a quiet room and let it stay there. Remove boxes, piles of clothes or carpets so you do not use them as a sandbox and let them calm down there little by little. Do not miss the scraper, toys and their food and water dish.

3. Important aspects of sandboxes

There are different types of cat litter: with different odor, different grain size, some that release dust … Do not hesitate to change your type if you notice that your cat does not adapt.

You will also find different sand box models . Some are more basic, others have an “egg” shape and there are totally closed ones. What for a cat is the perfect sandbox for the other will be an uncomfortable one.

If you have one with removable lid try to leave it a few days discovered and others closed. This way you will learn the preferences of your cat and you can adapt the house to your needs to make  your cat as happy as possible .

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