If you share your house with a Curious Cat you will have seen that you acquired funny habits and some embarrassing ones since you live with him. Here we mention the 17 curious habits that cat lovers have.

1. Call your cat “son” or “baby”.
2. Talk with your cat every time you hear its howl.
3. Give him, apart from his name, several nicknames like “fat”, “miau miau” and “pussycat”.
4. Buy birthday and Christmas gifts.
5. On your cell phone, you have more photos of the cat than of humans. And we do not mention that they create their own Facebook or Instagram account.
6. Breaking into tears at any history of rescue of cats.
7. It is a priority to help street cat shelters.
8. You constantly get into debates with people who say they do not like cats.
9. Once again, you respond to the meows as a conversation.
10. It is a constant struggle not to adopt a cat anymore.
11. Bury the face in the cat’s skin and suck strongly.
12. The willingness to spend large amounts of money to make him happy.
13. Give advice to other cat owners.
14. Never, never close the door when you go to the bathroom.
15. You do not move a muscle in case the cat has fallen asleep on it.
16. Go home always with a detail for the cat.
17. Make positions of contortion in order to make room next.


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